Powder sachet machine (Mardon system)

Designed for packaging all kinds of powder materials including coffee, coffee mix, sugar, salt and so on

With PLC control, Persian touch screen and step motor for wrapping film and Mardon with head and motor

Pencil-shaped and pillow-shaped three and four-head-sewed form


Equipment that can be installed

An inverter for controlling machine speed

Thermal coding machine

Nitrogen injection system

Easy-open system

Perforation system


Technical Particulars of the powder sachet machine

Packaging wrapper 

Power requirements:

Device dimension: (cm)

Device weight:

Weighing system


Trsbafvn (OPP),

Metallized, shelly cellophane, aluminum foil, laminated paper

220 v

Length: 80 cm

Width: 60 cm

Height:  180 cm

250 Kg

Mardon with head and motor


Power consumption

Package weight

Package length:

Package width:

Package rate per minute

1 Kw

1-50 g

5-20 cm

2.5-10 cm

20-80 packages