Coffee roaster machine 30 kg

Coffee roaster is a machine by which green (raw) coffee becomes roasted.


Standard features and equipment:

  1. sampling with gauge and control glass
  2. independent chaff collector housing
  3. simultaneous cooling
  4. cooling tray with high efficiency and fan system
  5. digital control system for controlling temperature
  6. remote drum control
  7. with free operator training for installation and start
  8. optional facilities and equipment


equipment that can be installed on the coffee roaster machine

green grain elevator

smoke-fueled system

profiling PAD system


Power requirements:

Machine dimension (cm)

Machine weight

Fuel consumption


220 V

Length: 200 cm

Width: 100 cm

Height:  250 cm

400 Kg

Civil gas    


Power consumption

Drum volume

Duration of roasting time:



1 Kv

30 kg         

20-30 min

Black, blue, red, green