Liquid sachet machine

Liquid sachet machine (single-person packaging)


Designed for packaging all kinds of liquids including sauce, lemon juice, shampoo and so on

With PLC control, Persian touch screen and step motor for wrapping film

Pencil-shaped and pillow-shaped three and four-head-sewed form

Equipment that can be installed

An inverter for controlling machine speed

Thermal coding machine

Nitrogen injection system

Easy-open system

Perforation system


Technical particulars

Packaging wrapper 

Power requirements:

Device dimension: (cm)

Device weight:

Weighing system


Trsbafvn (OPP),

Metallized, shelly cellophane, aluminum foil, laminated paper

220 v

Length: 80 cm

Width: 60 cm

Height:  180 cm

250 Kg

Piston cylinder


Power consumption

Package weight

Package length:

Package width:

Package rate per minute

1 Kw

1-50 g

5-20 cm

2.5-10 cm

20-80 packages